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Stages & Structures: AR1612 [ 16m x 12m Roof System ]

At a glance


- Full depth integrated cowsheds approx 3.5m wide
- PA and/or Screen Wings (2m, 3m, 4m or 5m width) to support up to 2000kg per side
- PA cantilever option

Structure: TD50, TD44 and HD34
Grid Size: 16.8m wide x 12.0m deep (55’ x 40’)
Towers:  6x TD44 Towers + wings
Grid Height:  10.0m (33’) to deck (lower option available)

The AR1612 is a hybrid structure, based on the Eurotruss’ AR20 and AR30 ranges, providing a high load capacity within the main roof grid in excess of 20 tonnes, depending on the configuration. This load is in addition to the screen/PA wing loadings, with provision included within the front cantilever for PA hangs, leaving the full wing width available for LED screens and/or branding opportunities.

The stage is built with a Layher-based substructure, allowing the stage to take into account various gradients and types of terrain. Ballast is incorporated within the base of the structure, although this can be substituted for ground anchors (providing the ground is suitable for this).

The roof and walls use a Keder-style system, with options for access from either side or rear of the stage. Handrails are fitted to the rear and sides of the platform, with a safety rail installed during production phases to ensure compliance with CDM requirements. A wind monitoring system is also included, which our staff can remotely monitor, both on and off site.

The stage package can be customised to suit your production, with various ramp and step options available depending on your access requirements. We can also supply static and rolling risers and custom set elements, in addition to fixed stage features such as catwalks and thrusts.

The stage is often supplied with “cowsheds” to either side of the stage for tech areas for lighting and sound equipment. These are a fundamental part of the sidewall on this stage, providing a secure environment for equipment (when conpared with a seperate cowshed structure). This also allows the full depth of the stage to be used for the cowsheds, meaning access into the tech wings can be concealed behind the drape line.

The structure and all its components are all fully rated, tested and certified, and the construction is signed off by a Eurotruss trained technician prior to handover. Full method statements and risk assessments are adhered to at all times, and guidance on Temporary Demountable Structures, published by the Institute of Structural Engineers (ISE), is followed at all times.

An anemometer (a device used to measure the speed of the wind) is fitted to the structure when used outdoors to continuously monitor wind speed, with procedures in place to deal with inclement weather in accordance with risk assessments, manufacturer data and ISE guidance.